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This past year we have all been living, at least for a while, locked in the house obliged by the pandemic, and since we Italians are used to interspersing the moments of the day with a coffee, this time, even those who had lost the habit of making coffee at home had to give in their arms.

I consider it a good habit, indeed a pleasant little ritual, in which even the gestures and THE OBJECTS I need participate in the preparation of my coffee. Because there are objects that belong to our daily life, which we use without paying too much attention to them, and among them we can certainly mention the Coffee Maker. Especially the one we commonly call "Moka," an object that is part of the family and best expresses THE CONCEPT OF DESIGN.

Moka tells us very well what Design means.

In the one who conceived it, there was Dream, Intuition, Vision, Inventiveness, Idea, Faith, Ability to Experiment, Craftsmanship, Innovation-this is Design.

It was 1933, my Father who loved homemade coffee very much was born, and the Moka was born in the same year. 88 years of success-that's what we would say if we were on TV.

This is one of many outstanding examples of Italian design. The Moka is a symbol of Italy in the world, it is a now timeless "icon" that seems to us to have always been present in our home.

Moka once again confirms that:

is worthy of being called modern only that which remains in time

Dino Gavina

Tomorrow morning, as you make your coffee, if you use a "Moka," look at it with a new gaze, bring a new awareness toward that object, to what it represents in the World: you will love it in a new way.

Start looking at the things around you with a more loving gaze, so you contribute to your own well-being. Images conjure!

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