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The volumes and shapes we have chosen for this fountain develop Vibrations that will interact with the environment in which it will be placed and "invite" Water energy into your home.

In this way, the fountain will resonate with the space in which it will "inhabit", informing it with frequencies that will in turn affect your well-being.



The color we have chosen for this fountain is the green found in sprouts: the expression of growth, development, the ability to give oneself to change. A color that is symbolic of becoming, a process that is an integral part of our experience of life, of making ourselves available to new experiences in the flow with life itself.



Width 30 cm

Height 25 cm



Hot-glazed ceramic fountain.

In respect for endangered, threatened or limited resources, we pay great attention to the sources of the materials we use.

This fountain was made by selecting ceramic cookies already in manufacturers' warehouses-this way we did not consume additional energy for production and gave new life to existing objects.


color: verde germoglio
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