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This candle holder is conceived as a real place: placed the candle, made of totally vegetable wax, it will be enough to light it to see its reflected flame and feel the perception of a space that is created around the glow of the candle itself.

The shapes and sizes we have chosen for this candle holder develop Vibrations that go to interact with the environment in which it will be placed, so this object will resonate with the space in which it will "inhabit", informing it of an energy that will in turn affect your well-being.

The perfectly circular shape of the base mirror inserted into a wooden element that is itself circular, informs the energy of Fire by encouraging intimacy and conversation.



- Width 34 cm

- Width 21 cm



- Laser-cut wood, the essence of which may vary depending on availability in the joinery

- Mirror thickness 3 mm

With respect for endangered, threatened or limited resources, we pay close attention to the sources of the materials we use.

This candle holder was made by selecting woods that are already available in our own carpentry shop-this way we did not consume additional energy for the production, transportation and processing of other pieces.



- 100% non-toxic vegetable wax (0% kerosene - 0% palm oil)

- 100% cotton wick

- Suitable for people with allergies and asthma

- Handmade in Europe


We recommend being very careful when buying candles, because most candles we buy in stores contain kerosene, a petroleum by-product that releases CO2 when burned and contributes to global warming, just like automobile fuel consumption. Both production and disposal pollute the environment.

It should also be considered that candles that are too "cheap" are often produced by exploited workers in poor working conditions.


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