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The volumes and shapes we have chosen for this fountain develop Vibrations that will interact with the environment in which it will be placed and "invite" Water energy into your home. In this way, the fountain will resonate with the space in which it will "inhabit", informing it with frequencies that will in turn affect your well-being.

The square but soft shape of the base plate enriches this Water with the stability of the Earth by adding the suppleness of roundness: a peaceful square shape,with no corners or edges, excellent for encouraging confidence in one's actions without losing the adaptability necessary for our living.



The color we chose for this fountain is orange: the expression of vitality and cheerfulness. A color that gives the great vital energy brought by the color red and the sparkling brightness of the color yellow. The color orange stimulates creativity and supports inner harmony that are necessary to guide one's path in this life.



Width 30 cm

Height 25 cm



Hot-glazed ceramic fountain.

In respect for endangered, threatened or limited resources, we pay great attention to the sources of the materials we use.

This fountain was made by selecting ceramic cookies already in manufacturers' warehouses-this way we did not consume additional energy for production and gave new life to existing objects.


color: Orange
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